A New Age of Horse Toys

Yesterday, while perusing some of the past Horse&Rider issues (a very big perk to my new job), I came across a photo of a pony bike in the Fun page of May 2010’s Your Horse Your Life section.

This discovery got me thinking: Where were all those cool horsey toys when I was growing up?

It’s not as if I was completely reliant on my own imagination for my horse daydreams. I had a wooden rocking horse, a plastic carousel horse, a self-made stick horse?not to mention the plethora of plush horse toys that were constantly strewn about my room to aid in my play times.

I remember distinctly attaching long “reins” (probably jump ropes) to my carousel horse and pretending I was part of a wagon train from some Western I’d just watched.

Today, walking through the toy aisle of any major supermarket, all kinds of horse toys are available to little girls. One toy in particular caught my attention like the pony bike.

It was a large, stuffed horse with a frame, and it could walk while carrying a small child. I immediately thought, “Where were you when I was 5 years old?”

Maybe it’s a little petty of me, but I can’t help but be just a little bit envious of today’s horse-crazy kids.

Have you ever had moments like that?

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