Addicted to Horses

My name is Megan D’Andrea, and I am addicted to horses and all activities surrounding them!

I’m from the small town of Fowler, Ohio. And this year, my eager involvement with all things horse led to my being named the NRHyA Youth of the Year and the AQHA Young Horse Development Program Champion. I love working with horses and encouraging more youth to get involved—and that’s what I hope to do here with this blog: inspire you to stay active with your horses (or horsey non-horse activities) by chronicling my adventures. Horses can teach you so many valuable lessons in life, and without them, I know I wouldn’t be who I am today. They have definitely made a positive impact on my life.

A little more about me: I started riding horses six years ago. The first time I got in the saddle, I knew that horses would forever be a part of my life. My very first horse was a Tennessee Walker/Draft cross, and he was the best thing that ever happened to me. A year later, I got into American Quarter Horses. AQHA gives youth so many opportunities to get involved with horses, even if you don’t own one! NRHA also gives youth so many wonderful opportunities. I have two horses right now: Willow, a yearling filly that was in the AQHA YHDP with me, and Craig, my reining show horse.

Throughout this blog, I hope to reach out to youth and help you guys get more involved! I’ll also be open to any comments, letters, and ideas that you guys may have for me. You can reach me in the comments here, or you can email me via Horse&Rider at [email protected]. Just put “Megan” in the subject line.

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