A&E Hit the World Paint Show

Erin and I took a mini-road trip on Tuesday to the World Paint Show in Fort Worth. APHA has now divided the World Show into two separate events, one in the summer and the other in the fall. After attending multiple Paint Worlds in the past, this one seemed rather scarce on entries, but the split format explains.

We headed straight to Team Horse and Rider, Andrea Simons’, stalls to chat and get the DL from her on this year’s happenings. Andrea’s daughter, Sara, coached one of her youth competitors to top honors. (Sara’s become quite the trainer herself.)

From there our primary mission was to scout this year’s show fashion trends. And, wow! If it was ever all about color…this year, it’s more about color!!! Color and beyond mega-bling. Ultra-rich colors, Swarovski crystals out-of-control, delicate beading, wild prints–all big, bold, and beautiful. Check out some of the glitterati…

AND, we got to hang out with Jana Simons’ adorable pooch, Addison…

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