"Aged to Perfection"

Every month, our “Love to Own” horse is a horse that H&R’s editors decide we’d really like to see standing in our field. October was my first time writing the LTO section, and my nomination (which the rest of our staff vehemently agreed was a perfect LTO fit) was a horse I’ve been lucky enough to see in action on more than a few occasions. 

Teddy Terrific — a 21-year-old gelding from Chillicothe, Ohio — has lived up to the super-horse name his breeder bestowed upon him. Teddy, owned by Carl Ford for the last 19 years, has amassed 10 All American Quarter Horse Congress titles in both pole bending and barrel racing, and to this day he still fires out sub-20 second pole times and 1D barrel times. 

I could go on and on about this outstanding horse, but it’s best left to be read on the pages of October’s H&R. For now, though, check out these videos of Teddy. The first is of Teddy’s winning Senior Pole Bending run in 2009 at the Congress with Bryan Ford aboard, and the second is of Teddy winning the 1D Youth at an NBHA barrel race with Marc Ford riding. 

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