Don’t know about you guys, but the word v-a-c-a-t-i-o-n sounds heavenly, especially at this time a year. Yet, most of us are monitoring our bank accounts like the Gestapo.

However (you know I have some good news), we at Horse & Rider are currently holding a Wyoming Riding Vacation Sweepstakes——–a horseback riding dream vacay from Blue Sky Sage Horseback Adventures, where you’ll get to ride across the majestic open country of Wyoming, chow down on authentic “camp-cooking” cuisine, and lodge in nearby Jackson Hole. Yeah…does that sound awesome or what?

But, act quick! The deadline for entering the sweepstakes is Sunday, February 28. Just go to our Web site,, and click on “Enter Sweepstakes” in the upper right-hand corner of our home page. From there, it lists various sweepstakes opportunities; then, click on?”Horse & Rider’s Wyoming Riding Vacation Sweepstakes.” You can obtain the specs there.

While none of these photos was taken in the gorgeous Jackson Hole area, they sure triggered my faint memory of what nature’s like. I feel like it’s been ages since I left my lil’ concrete jungle of Dallas. So, if you win, PLEASE send me photos and share your experience with us, so I can vicariously soak up some that oh-so-elusive outdoor magic.

I have, however, been backpacking through this same area, and I can definitely vouch for its beauty. Although, next time I make it there, think I’d rather see if from the back of a horse, rather than trudging up a 90-degree incline carrying 40 pounds of spaghetti sauce in my backpack (it was a 10-day trip; all meals had to be carried with us!). Be sure to keep us posted if you enter! GOOD LUCK! And feel free to invite me to wedge into your suitcase if you win… ~Alana 🙂

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