Better Your Chances

We’ve received hundreds of entries for the Your Horse Your Life contest, and each one is unique.

You’ve taken the time to write out your story, and you dug out that special photo of you and your horse. So how do you make it to the top five?

Here are a few tips to help you get as many votes as possible.

  • Facebook/Twitter: Use the “share” buttons to the lower left of your entry to share your submission on your Facebook and Twitter pages. (Tip: You can also share your entry on a friend’s wall or on a page’s wall.)
  • Email: Go to your unique entry URL, copy it, and then send it to your family and friends. This way they’ll easily find you.
  • Set a reminder: Your friends and family can vote once a day, every day so ask them to set reminders to vote regularly.
  • Use the search function: When all else fails, ask your family and friends to search for you (using your name or email address).

Remember, the grand-prize winner receives prize packages from Miller International and Weaver Leather?plus, an on-site photo shoot that will be featured in the January 2012 issue.

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