By Julie Preble, Assistant Editor

I’m a huge fan of horse books. There are quite a few in my personal library and a stack on my desk at work.

Because there often isn’t a place in the magazine for some of the books on my desk, I’ll review them here.

To spice things up a bit, I’ll also review a few from my personal library. This happens to be one of those books.

Why We Ride is an enjoyable collection of stories?all from women riders. Some rode as children, others made horses a lifelong hobby or career, and some spent their childhood years dreaming of owning a pony.

Reading the stories of other women who grew up horse crazy is inspiring to me. Clearly, I was never alone.

No matter what your personal horse story is, there’s probably someone in this book you can relate to.

It’s a quick read that’ll have you laughing out loud and wiping away a tear?all in one sitting. (At least it did for me?)

If you need a good coffee-table book or conversational piece, this is a good choice for you. And speaking of conversation, why do you ride?

Verna Dreisbach edited the book, and a foreword was written by Jane Smiley. It’s available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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