Can’t Judge a Horse by its Color

To wrap up the September magazine deadline, I’m finishing my work on Conformation Clinic. This department in the magazine is my duty each month. Despite having talked to a lot of judges about conformation, I’m amazed at how I learn something new each time I work on this handy little Practice Pen department. This time around, I learned some interesting tid bits about the conformation of young horses, particularly Quarter Horses, and how they have to “grow into” their croup.

While Conformation Clinic is a pretty straight-forward section of the magazine, as far as writing goes, working on it has really provided me with a wealth of knowledge. If I ever get to be in the happy place again in the future where I’m in the market for a horse, I think I’ll be pretty equipped to assess the potential for soundness and function based on a horse’s build. The judging classes I took at Texas A&M with Dr. Clay Cavinder built the foundation for my interest in conformation. You can build your horse-judging skills by visiting TAMU’s Online Horse Judging Site.

If y’all never have, consider getting out there and taking a picture of your horse to submit to this department, especially while the weather is “nice” (100 degrees is nice to some) and your horses have a nice slick coat. We welcome (actually, desperately want) all breeds. September’s issue will also have some helpful photography tidbits. There are also “Confo Clinic” instructs at

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