Clinton Anderson, on H&R’s Home Turf

Following a marathon run at the World Equestrian Games (where officials speculated that he had, by far, the largest crowds at his demonstrations), Clinton Anderson brought his Walkabout Tour to Denver for two days. In the parking lot, we saw plates from not only Colorado, but also Wyoming, Montana, and New Mexico–proving that the Aussie’s appeal draws crowds far and wide.

I took my mom (a lifelong horsewoman and expert horse-show mom) and son along with me to check out the event. We were treated to Clinton’s signature humor and no-nonsense horse sense, something we all can use a good dose of.

The horse shown in the photo above was brought by a local woman for Clinton to work with. The horse was new to her, and she had problems getting her horse past fears of tarps, plastic bags, maps opened horseback, and other typical “boogiemen” that can make horses less than fun to ride. Here, Clinton is shown working with the horse with a plastic bag on the end of his training stick. Without much effort–but with some thoughtful schooling–the horse quieted and accepted something that once had him running for the hills.

Along with the presentation, Clinton and his sponsors had their own full-scale trade show. It offered all of Clinton’s DVDs, as well as the tack items he promotes, feed supplements, waterers, vet supplies–you name it, you could probably find a Clinton-approved product to fit the bill!

Did you attend Clinton’s tour stop in Denver? Or, have you been to other stops on the Walkabout Tour? We’d love to hear about your experience!

As a bonus, below you’ll find a video of Clinton with his great mare Mindy on the Vegas tour stop, when the mare was retired.

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