Decisions, Decisions

It doesn’t matter if she’s training or riding–Wylene’s philosophy is to always have fun! | Photo by Charles Brooks

A couple of months ago, H&R editor Juli Thorson asked me to write a feature article about Wylene Wilson. I was ecstatic?and not just because I love writing full-length features.

I had the pleasure of meeting Wylene when I attended the Extreme Mustang Makeover in Fort Collins, Colorado, in 2011.

Her personality just blew me away?she was so dynamic, boisterous, and just plain fun to be around. Because of that, I knew her story would be a great profile piece.

Only one problem: I chatted with eight of Wylene’s closest friends, and every one of them just had amazing things to say about her.

It was so hard to pick and choose what to use in the article (not to mention using Wylene’s telling of her story), so I decided to write an online extra, too.

I probably could’ve written a small novel about Wylene?just from the great quotes from her friends.

Sometimes, being a writer is very challenging!

To learn more about this incredible cowgirl, check out the article “Extreme Wylene,” starting on pg. 40 of the December issue.

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