Denice and Cisco

Denice won a shopping spree from Miller International and a tack package from Weaver Leather.

Last week, H&R caught up with 2011 Your Horse, Your Life contest winner Denice Kinney, This week, she shares her secret for rallying votes and her thoughts on her photo shoot and article in the January 2012 issue.

H&R: Do you have any tips on how to boost vote numbers for this year’s contestants?

Denice: I just felt like I hounded people. You know “please vote; please vote”?just constant reminders. I didn’t even have a Facebook account until October 31, so I know Facebook probably helped the others, but I didn’t have one at the time. Mine was all strictly word of mouth: friends and family, coworkers. I just reminded everybody to try and vote every day.

“I pestered people so much that when they saw me coming, they didn’t say ‘Hello,’ they said ‘I voted today!'” she adds.

H&R: What did you think when you saw your article in the January 2012 issue?

Denice: Oh, it was very overwhelming. Kim Beers (the photographer) did such a fantastic job. Because it was so windy that day, but she made the day special. All the pictures that she took were just out of this world. That was really neat to get the photo shoot.

It was overwhelming when I saw it and read what Juli Thorson wrote. She did a fantastic job.

It was an experience of a lifetime for me. I felt so honored and so privileged to have been chosen. I can’t say anymore of how everyone was so accommodating with all the questions. It was a great experience, and I’m anxious for the next person to get to experience the fun.

H&R: What would you tell people who are thinking about entering the second contest?

Denice: I actually posted on Facebook?to a little club that I’m in?and encouraged all of them to join. It’s fun to get to meet other people that are in it. I’ve become friends with two or three of the girls that were in it that I never would’ve had the opportunity to meet before. I think that’s what’s neat.

Think you’ve got what it takes to be H&R‘s next big winner? This year’s contest is all about the funniest thing your horse ever did. Enter here!

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