Denver Market: Here We Come!

As our February Gallop Poll will show, we horsewomen love our boots. But that’s not all we love; the editorial staff at Horse&Rider is down-right obsessed with Western tack (in this barrel racer’s case, of the blinged-out variety), denim, tops, jewelry, supplements, feeds, grooming supplies… You get the idea.

So when we get the chance to see all of the Western industry’s latest products before the buying public, you can bet your boots we’re there, cameras in hand, to share it with you. This Friday and Saturday, our editorial team will attend the Western and English Sales Association’s Apparel and Equipment Market here in Denver, where companies across the horse world will showcase their latest products. 

You can count on Editor Juli Thorson, who’ll be trekking in from Idaho Thursday, to have all kinds of goodies posted to her Horse Talk blog throughout the weekend. And, be sure to check back here for Jen’s and my insights on all that’s new at the Denver Market. 

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