We’re Back on Facebook!

I’ve been waiting five days to say this…

We can finally return you to our regular Facebook content!

After an extended hijacking of the Horse&Rider Facebook account—and hackers posting disgusting, offensive content—we’ve finally reclaimed our page! But please note this: If you’ve shared, clicked on, or commented on the recent spam posts that were caused by spammers, beware! You likely have a virus on your computer that follows what your browser does.

We’ve removed all of the hackers’ posts, and we should back to the content you’ve come to value, trust, and share with your horse-riding peers. Be sure to look for a special message from our team to explain what we’ll do in the future to keep the page (and your newsfeed) free of inappropriate images and articles.

So if you hid us from your newsfeed or unliked our page, you’re safe to come back. If you stuck with us through the mess, thanks for your patience and understanding. While we can’t respond to each and every personal message notifying us about the hack, know that we appreciate your attention to our page and your attempts to help us get our page back.

It’s time to get back to sharing information to take excellent care of our horses, train them with the best techniques, and share advice with our peers. Thanks again for sticking with us.

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