Get to Know WEG Reiner Shawn Flarida

You suggested the questions; we asked them. Each day this week, we’ll post a new interview with one of the members of the USA’s reining team. Get to know these great riders before the World Equestrian Games’ action starts in Lexington, Kentucky, on Saturday. WEG Reiner: Shawn FlaridaHorse: RC Fancy Step
What do you do to get focused before a big run?A lot of times I spend time by myself and go through what I need to do. I’ve shown RC quite a few times, so I know what to do.How do you keep your horse fresh/honest?I schooled him before Battle in the Saddle. He knows his job and is fit, so he should be good.What’s your all-time favorite horse that you’ve shown?That’s a really hard question. I have to make a blanket statement and say all of them that have won me a lot of money!What sparked your love of reining?My mom and dad had reining horses. My brother, Mike, had reining horses. I showed my first reiner when I was 8 years old. Reining has always been a part of my life.What WEG event would you compete in?other than reining?I know Chester Weber [national United States Equestrian Federation Four-in-Hand Driving Champion for seven consecutive years], and he let me drive his four-in-hand horses. So I think the driving would be great.What are your show-pen superstitions?I never put my hat down on a bed. I might have to wear a green T-shirt under my USA team shirt. [Editor’s note: Shawn is known for always wearing a green shirt in the show pen?his Web site is even]

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