Get to Know WEG Reiner Tim McQuay

You suggested the questions; we asked them. Each day this week, we’ll post a new interview with one of the members of the USA’s reining team. Get to know these great riders before the World Equestrian Games’ action starts in Lexington, Kentucky, on Saturday.

WEG Reiner: Tim McQuay

Horse: HollywoodstinseltownWhat do you do to get focused before a big run?I concentrate on the pattern. I try to figure out where I need to help my horse if he needs it. I think about where I can show him to his best ability.How do you keep your horse fresh/honest?I use paid warm-ups for schooling. I cruise my horse around to keep him quiet and nice. If I have to make him run better to his stops, for example, I can use a paid warm-up to keep his mind right. I also really make sure my horses are comfortable. I address all soundness problems and take care of them. We’re fortunate in this day and age that there are so many things we can do to help them.What’s your all-time favorite horse that you’ve shown?It’s a tough one. I have two or three. Hollywood Dun It more or less made us. He’s the one that sticks in my heart the most. I loved showing, for longevity, Shining Spark. I didn’t get to show RR Star long, but the run I had on him was great. Hollywoodstinseltown’s dam, Miss Tinseltown, was great, too.What sparked your love of reining?I loved reining from when I very first watched it at open horse shows 40 years ago?maybe more. As I grew into going to the horse shows, there was definitely a point in my life when reiners weren’t worth close to what you put in them for training. I always liked it because there weren’t excuses of not getting seen [by the judges, as in a rail class]. The judges have to mark you on what you do.What WEG event would you compete in?other than reining?The jumping. My wife, Colleen, trains jumpers. I know I couldn’t do it, but it’s you and your horse. You have to think all the way through, just like we do in reining.What are your show-pen superstitions?They’re not so much show-pen superstitions. I never wear a yellow shirt. I hate passing salt from hand to hand; I set it on the table to pass it. No hats on the bed.

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