Hi, Ho! It’s Back to Oklahoma City We Go!


Editor Jennifer Paulson has officially touched down in Oklahoma City for the American Quarter Horse World Show. She kicks off our #WalkInOurBoots and #FarnamSuperhorse campaigns, courtety of Soft-Ride Equine Comfort Boots and Farnam Horse Products tonight. (Watch for video, soon!) Over the course of the next week we’ll provide a backstage pass of sorts with interviews, updates, and giveaways throughout the home stretch of open week.

Jen’s absence from the office, along with the updates that fill up my social news feeds and the numerous texts that flow in from friends, has me anxiously awaiting my flight on Wednesday.

My internship at the Journal during last year’s event taught me the ropes of the world show—what to wear to stay warm (and cute), where barn 6 is located, and how to navigate the endless throng of horse-rider duos in order to track down my next interviewee. But, this year is not last year, and it presents it’s own set of challenges that I’m excited to tackle. This year I’ll be hunting down my own stories. You’ll get to hear from everyone who plays a role in making the show happen: top trainers to professional pitchfork weilders, mane braiders, ringside rail clutchers, grooming bag toters, entry-fee check writers, and in-the-ring riders.

Credit: By Alexis Bennett, courtesy of the AQHA Journal. Famous Rhythm and Janae Massey, the 2013 AQHA Junior Barrel Racing Champions.

Compiling my interview list has me wondering: Who would you like to hear from, whose boots would you like to step into at the AQHA World Show? Is there an owner whose brain you’ve always dreamt to pick? A dirty job you’ve always wondered about, but never thought to ask? (For example, are you curious who holds the title of “urine-cup holder” at the drug-testing barn?)

Share your ideas and requests in the comments below and we’ll try to catch them in action!



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