It Was So Cold…

By Jennifer Paulson, Managing Editor

This morning, I drove south to Franktown to Devin Warren‘s place to shoot photos for upcoming installments of Private Lesson and Problem Solvers. I’m clearly not ready for winter just yet, because the fall morning was brutal on my fair-weather condition. Other than a barn coat layered over a hoodie layered over a long-sleeve tee, I was completely unprepared. I did look for gloves before I left in the dark just before dawn, but all I found were mismatched mittens?and mittens don’t work for shooting photos.

Pikes Peak lies just behind that bank of fog in the background, making for great scenery at Devin Warren’s barn, where he specializes in reining.

It was so cold, that I felt like an evil super villain for making Devin take off his coat and gloves for the photos. (He was game, saying, “If we’re gonna do it, let’s do it right!”)

It was so cold, the wind whipped a political banner hanging from a neighboring fence, startling the 3-year-old Devin rode for our Private Lesson piece. (Gotta expose those young-uns to everything, right?)

It was so cold, that Devin’s wife, Jolene, brought us hot chocolate, a luxury I’ve never known?or required?on a photo shoot.

It was so cold, that I didn’t even notice when the hot chocolate dripped out of the mug, down the front of my pantleg. (My legs were that numb.)

It was so cold, I plan to rush to the nearest sporting-good store to buy every style of gloves in their inventory to find the perfect ones for shooting images during cold weather.

After an hour-plus drive in the car, with the sun beaming through my windows and the heater on full-blast, I think I’m finally thawed out. I’m a Colorado native, so I have to admit that I’m pretty disappointed in myself for not being fully prepared for the cold. It’s not like it should be any surprise to me!

Weather aside, Devin’s place is a dream come true for photo shoots?a gorgeous setting, with Pike’s Peak in the open background; beautiful reining horses as subjects; and Devin’s sense of humor to keep me laughing to block out the pain in my freezing fingers.

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