Just the Way It Goes

By Assistant Editor Julie Preble

Most horsemen and women are all too familiar with that saying. Because when it comes to horses, your plans can change fast.

Rewind back to nearly three months ago, and I was looking forward to a long summer showing in the NRHA‘s Green Reiner classes.

I got two shows under my belt, and then had to take a break. The mare I ride, Hannah, was bred so no traveling/showing for her for 60 days?doctor’s orders.

OK, so no more shows for the next couple of months. But there’s always lessons?

?It’s hard to set up a lesson though when I’m busy on the weekends and my trainer still has a barn full of horses and clients ready to show.

Fast forward to today when I found out that Hannah’s first breeding didn’t take. She was re-bred, and is now 20 days pregnant. My trainer’s reluctant to work her, and I certainly would be, too. (When your mare’s bred to Boom Shernic, you really want to keep that baby!)

Also, the other lesson horse at Chapman Performance Horses is recovering from a recent tying-up issue. (They’ve just had a run of bad luck).

And that’s where the saying comes in: With horses, that’s just the way it goes. For now I’ll look on the bright side; I’ve got plenty of time to save up some money for the fall shows!

How often have your horsey plans changed unexpectedly?

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