Kold Kitty; Canines Gone Crazy; SPRING, Hurry Up!

I know we can’t complain (too much) about the weather, living in North Texas that is, but we have had one of the most severe winters in our history. A new record was set in Dallas last week for the most snowfall ever (or at least since such records have been kept). Like I said…not too much complaining…we received around 8 to 9 inches of the white stuff, while our sister pubs on the East Coast were quite literally buried in it.?

Before the snow hit last week, I went out to my barn to shoot some sure-to-be fascinating photos of er, um…horse poop for one of our April-issue’s feature. (I know you can’t wait.) The temp was rapidly nose-diving, and when I got back to my car after the aforementioned manure shooting, our poor lil’ barn kitty, Spice, took to sitting on the hood of my car to get some warmth from the engine. Then, before I’d packed everything up, she’d gone through the passenger-side window and had curled up in a little warm ball amidst my car’s “tack closet.” Glad I found or I would have driven home with her.

I would be embarrassed by the state of my car’s derriere, but Erin already exposed my less-than-tidy tack room in a previous post. (It’s hopeless at this point; however, in my next car, I’ll keep everything meticulously organized.)?

Needless to say, I am SICK of the cold! I HATE it! I truly don’t understand how the Northeners do it. My aunt rides dressage and lives in Wisconsin, and pretty much takes a riding hiatus every winter. We’ve been in the 30s in the mornings here; 20s overnight.?

Due to the horrendous weather, I have not been able to ride in nearly two months! It is seriously getting depressing. IF I do ever get ride before summer, it won’t be quite as enjoyable…I have to wear so many clothes, I can hardly move my own body…much less move with my horse’s body.

I’m not begging for Texas 100-degree days, but please, some reprieve. Talk about seasonal depression…if I can’t ride soon, I seriously may be there. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get any snow pixs of our horses, but I did get a chance to snap a few of my dogs in snow heaven. Well, at least for Murphy, it was some type of heaven; “Ol’ Man River” aka Jaxs would have enjoyed the event more if Murph was not constantly dive-bombing him for some “Yipee” playin’. (You can probably guess who’s who, but JIC Murphy would be the lighter-colored yellow lab w/ the turquoise collar; Jaxs is the elderly gentleman with the darker coat.)

Here’s to warmer weather! Please come soon!

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