Mad for Mad Cow Co.

By Jennifer Paulson, Managing Editor

Mad Cow Co. spurs

As Julie said, the best part of Fall Market is the slower pace, so we editors can talk to vendors about their wares. I’ve seen Mad Cow Co.’s designs online and in print before, and I was dying to see them in person.

Decked out in Western-fabulous style, complete with wide headband and piles of turquoise and silver, Amy Greenough Smith, the Arizona artist behind the work, shared with me her handcrafted jewelry, money clips, bits, and spurs. Every item is perfectly imperfect?tarnished, rusted, patinaed to just the right degree to make it look vintage, but with a modern twist.

The bits and spurs are especially distinctive. Amy designs off-the-rack bits as well as custom ones, for event awards and personal requests, with a wide variety of mouthpieces. Her spurs also offer a wide range of styles and sizes.

Check out The Mad Cow Co. on Facebook, or visit their retail site for great shopping.

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