Market Report: Day 2

Zebra glitter flip flops for your little cowgirl.

By Jennifer Paulson

The whirlwind started and didn’t stop! There’s so much great stuff out there in the Western market, and aren’t we lucky for it?

Dale Chavez’s gorgeous show saddles.

For the little cowgirl, we found the cutest glitter flip flops. These are from Roper, and they caught our eye immediately. What a way to follow up their glitter boots from last year.

We also checked out Dale Chavez Saddles, which didn’t disappoint in the beauty department.

Check out these Navajo-inspired stitched boots from Dusty Rocker. They’re known for their colored inserts for cutouts in boots, but these are something different that can appeal to any boot wearer.

Find this adornment on Weaver Leather products.

You probably saw these in the Your Horse, Your Life contest, but now the tack with these gorgeous adornments are available for purchase!

Navajo-inspired stitching on Dusty Rocker boots.

Check back again for more updates, because we have many more things to see tomorrow!

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