Mr. Crash: What a Ham!

We hope you enjoyed Erin’s “We’d Love to Own” in our March issue (page 15) of “Crashed the Party.” Shooting our “LTO” horses (as we call them for short) is easier said than done…especially when you’re trying to shoot at a chaotic venue…like at the All American Quarter Horse Congress show, which is flooded with horses, nervous exhibitors, shouting trainers, stressed parents, uber-hyper dogs, and the like.?We somehow found a decent place to shoot, and let’s just say it took more time than expected for me to get a decent shot of “Crash” for the March issue. Turns out, even though he’s a stallion, he’s quite the goofball. Loves peppermints. Was eating them by the handful (for which I was secretly grateful, as it seemed to keep him still momentarily). At left, Crash is gulping a ?? ??peppermint from his “mom’s” hand (Shelly Burris), while Rob Miller ?? ??looks on.

Yes…curling the upper lip seems to warrant more peppermints.?And poor Rob isn’t shy about showing his embarrassment over the matter.

It’s hard to stay awake when you’re a super-star stud.

Ham, again? “People comment on how happy Crash appears,” Rob says. “He has the pleasant expression that says, ‘I’m just happy to be here!’ He loves having a job.” Rob attributes Crash’s success to his talent and his disposition—-the combo makes him a great pleasure mount.?

?And…whallaaaa! Here’s the winning photo that made in the mag…

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