Plush Ponies & "Hot" Hats

We’re hunkering down here at the office as we enter the home stretch of our August magazine deadline. If you spend any time reading
Alana and I were there to snap some pictures, support some Team H&R members (including Charlie Cole and Bob Avila), and chat it up with the exhibitor and spectators (If you ever see us at an event, STOP us and say hello!). While taking a break to peruse the booths, this little guy caught my eye. I debated over him for quite a while, pondered how much Alana would make fun of me, and finally had to splurge on the chubbster. Alana ended up having little ammunition against me. I caught her seriously considering this peppery get-up.

So, I’m wondering a couple things. First, am I the only “grown-up” who still has a soft spot for stuffed-animal ponies? Second, what are some of y’all’s favorite horse-show splurges?

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