#QHCongress13 Wrap-Up

By Jennifer Paulson, Managing Editor

Phew! That was a long three weeks covering the All American Quarter Horse Congress! From freestyle reining and?bridless cutting the first weekend to wrapping up with the AQHA amateur versatility class, won by Maria Salazar and her gray gelding, Winkin For Chocolate (“Leroy”), we hope you enjoyed getting a first-hand look at the biggest AQHA show in the country. We’re back in the office now, hard at work on the first issue for 2014 and suffering from a mild case of the dreaded Congress Crud, but our time in Ohio really got our engines running. Here’s a rundown of key Congress takeaways, illustrated by photos from our Instagram account. (Be sure to follow us?we do lots of fun stuff over there, including behind-the-scenes shots of the office and our photo shoots.)

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and The Sweet Shop is the best place to get it.
During the cold, wet days of Congress (usually the last week), warm boots are a necessity.
Bring your checkbook, credit cards, and mattress money; you’re not likely to experience this shopping anywhere else.
Even at six months pregnant, a real horsewoman can still compete in showmanship and trail.
The practice arenas are full 24/7, in all weather, with horses of all kinds?barrel racers and trail horses together.
During the amateur versatility, at least one horse is bound to get loose, but it doesn’t frazzle a single competitor.
This jacket?THE JACKET?is the most coveted piece of fashion on the show grounds. Especially one that says “Champion” down the sleeve.
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