The Perks of the Job

Of the dozens and dozens of great things about working for Horse&Rider, one of my favorites has to be all of the great places we get to travel to, and all of the great horses and people we get to meet. 

This weekend is no exception. I will be making the trip to Cheyenne, Wyoming, for the Cheyenne Frontier Days. I’m thrilled to get to go watch Team Horse&Rider member Sherry Cervi, who won the 1st-go and is sitting second in the 2nd-go and first in the average, compete in the Short-Go on Sunday afternoon. Primarily, though, I’ll be there to enjoy my first trip to such a large PRCA rodeo and to take in the sights, smells, and styles of one of the most legendary rodeos in the country. 

So, what would you all like to see come from this trip to Cheyenne? Photos of new Western fashion, food, and fun? Or maybe you’d like to see some video? Comment below to let me know!

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