Training Tips: Do You Want More?

We’ve received some great feedback from my request to hear what you’d do if you controlled H&R. One comment on the blog stood out, and I’d like you to read it and let me know what you think. Horse&Rider has always tried to provide how-to training tips from the best in the business–but are we slacking a little in that department? Here’s your chance to sound off. Check out the reader’s comments below, and voice your opinion in the blog comments or on our Facebook page.

From our reader:

“I like Horse&Rider, I really do. But it’s really changed over the years. I have been a H/J rider for over 25 years and have just dabbled in Western Pleasure for about 5 or 6 years and have been a subscriber for that long to H&R. I have to say that the BIG difference between the two magazines [sister pub Practical Horseman and H&R], and what I feel is strongly lacking in H&R, are training tips. In Practical Horseman I find a magazine almost cover to cover of training tips and how to’s to improve my posture, flatwork, jumping, etc. In H&R, to be quite blunt, I find touchy-feely stories more about the bond with horses, which is great, but I don’t want to read a horse whisperer novel. While I know the natural horsemanship is a big thing in the Western world, I’d really like to see more advanced articles by trainers such as Bob Avila, who really offers some great insights on turnbacks, correct lead changes, etc. You have access to some of the greatest in the western world, and I wish that we advanced riders could open your magazine and learn more advanced maneuvers instead of just the same natural horsemanship ground lessons over and over. Thank you for the opportunity to suggest content!”

What do you think? More top trainers? More step-by-step how-to? Let us know your opinion, because our goal is to enrich your horse life.

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