Traveling Tackroom

I’ve been fighting the temptation for a while now, but finally gave in. I just had to sneak a snapshot of my coworker Alana’s storage area of her SUV. Now, I do tease her quite a bit about this jumble of tack and grooming supplies that’s constantly piled up in her car, but I doubt she’s the only one. She boards her horse away from home and needs her horsey things with her whenever she has time to swing by the barn. It also comes in handy because we have a veritable stockroom of supplies for impromptu photo shoots!

I never quite realized just how much stuff was packed in here, until Alana’s vehicle got a flat tire on the way back from a photo shoot, and we had to remove all the contents on the side of the interstate in a search for the tire jack…

Anyone else load of their ride with horse goods like Alana?

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