Tunes for Typing

Many of you might already be aware of this great link, but for those in the dark, is a free internet radio site where you can create customized radio stations. Create a station based on a favorite band or song, and Pandora will play that favorite tune or artist, along with similar music.

This site is bookmarked on my computer and my account is loaded with stations for every occasion. When I’m buried deep in a feature (like I was this week), I log on to Pandora and listen to my Mozart or Handel station for some non-distracting, brain-boosting tunes. Today, when I’m working on something a little more menial (typing up our Horse and Rider article index), I can enjoy jamming to my Fleetwood Mac station.

If you’re an iPhone-toter like myself, you can also download a free Pandora application for your phone, plug in your earphones or vehicle auxiliary cord, and listen to your personalized station on the run. Perfect for long hauls, down-time at shows, or stall-cleaning sessions.

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