Update: How Do You Know?

Slick’s a pretty cool dude. He meets me at the stall door, ready to be worked with, but he’s also lazy. His philosophy: Why not catch a couple of zzz’s while being tacked up?

Recently, I’ve been struggling with a decision of whether to buy a horse or not.

I hadn’t intended to leave everyone hanging, but until recently, there wasn’t anything to report.

My mind continued to race back and forth between yes and no. I was leaning toward no, but then I got some news that gave me some hope.

At my riding lesson last weekend, my trainer let me know that Slick will be hanging around the barn, at least through show season.

Rather than selling Slick now, his owner is planning to keep and show him a while longer. The owner’s other show horse is nearing retirement, and Slick will serve as a replacement horse in the meantime.

What does this mean for me? The horse-buying decision has been couched until show season is over, sometime in September.

This came as a huge relief to me. Now, I have time to save money; pay off some debt; and potentially, be ready for a horse when the time comes.

Is there a chance that Slick’s owner could change his mind and decide to keep the gelding? Sure, but if that happens, I’ll be happy just to have had the chance to work with such a fun horse and improve my riding skills.

And if Slick comes up for sale again? Well, I do have a birthday coming up in September? I couldn’t imagine a better present for myself!

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