“What are you wearing?!”

Trendy boots or traditional? So many decisions!

Around our office this week, there’s been a lot of, “What are you wearing? Which day are you wearing the jeans that I have, too–we can’t match! Do you think this jacket is cool-vintage enough, or does it need another five years? BOOTS–which boots?”

The reason? Next week is the Denver WESA Market–Western fashion’s premiere event.

To say that most of us gals in the office (which we share with American Cowboy, Spin to Win Rodeo, and The Trail Rider) are clothes horses might be an understatement. We love our horses and riding, but we also love to look good doing it! And we love going to Market.

Of course, there are serious business matters to attend to: Trend-watching, advertiser-meeting, story-idea-generating, and generally representing the H&R brand. But, I’d be lying if I said we weren’t totally excited to see the new clothes, jewelry, accessories, and gear (yes, we’re talking saddles, headstalls, bits, and crazy-patterned blankets) that’ll be on the market come fall. And then the best part: We get to share that information with you, via features in the magazine, the “Style” page in Your Horse Your Life, and blog and Facebook posts. Secret tip: Look for an inside scoop on the year’s fashion trends in an April magazine feature!

What do you love most about Western fashion? Are you a jeans girl, who has pair upon pair stacked in the closet? Do you crave boots? Or do you get fired up about accessories–necklaces, bracelets, earrings? Let us know what interests you most, and we’ll try to give you an idea of what we see.

Meanwhile, I’m off to the cleaners to get my jeans starched. And maybe pick up one more bracelet to go with that dress for the big party…

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