Windy Texas

I’m supposed to be in Pilot Point, Texas, shooting photos at High Point Performance Horses with Charlie Cole today. And at Simons Show horses just around the corner from Charlie’s tomorrow, shooting with Sara Simons.

Instead, I’m sitting in a Starbucks in Denton, Texas, looking outside at black skies, trees whipping in the wind, and periods of cold mist coating every surface in sight. Last week: perfect sunshine, 75 degrees, prime conditions.

Photo shoots don’t always go as planned. I have to admit, this is the first time I’ve been completely derailed by Mother Nature. These are truly “make it work” moments, as Tim Gunn says on “Project Runway.” We’re making this one work by planning lengthy shot lists to send our photographer out on his own once the weather clears and the trainers are home again–two tough things to get on the same day during the busy spring show season.

I did get to shoot at Steve Heckaman’s yesterday. We found protection from 40 mph winds on the north side of his covered arena, and I think we got some great material, including his tips for teaching a horse to sidepass, which will appear in the May issue.

Back to Denver I go, fairly empty-handed. It’s definitely a disappointment, but we horse folk are used to being at the mercy of Mother Nature.

Steve Heckaman works on sidepassing with a 3-year-old gelding.
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