Make an Editor Squirm

You want to know the worst part of my job? Well, maybe not the worst, but one of the parts that makes me the least comfortable?

When I have to step out from behind the camera and move in front of it.

Put the camera in my hands, and I’m in heaven. Give me the reflector and tell me to watch how a shirt’s tucked in or fix hair when it gets out of place? You can count on me. Ask me to act like a monkey to get a horse’s ears? I’m your gal. Tell me to pose for a photo while listening for a horse’s gut sounds? Well, I’ll do it, but I won’t like it. Not one bit.

Photographer Mallory Beinborn and photo director Joe Paulson put us through our paces last week.

H&R contributing photographer Mallory Beinborn of Impulse Photography was in town last week, so we nabbed her for a day of shooting stock images out at my mom’s place. We had a great time, complete with my youngest son serving as “director” of our shoot, and we banked a lot of images that we can use throughout the year. We have to get as much done photographically as we can before the winter weather sets in here in Colorado, and we had a beautiful day to do it.

Thankfully, assistant editor Alexis Bennett was on hand, so she took the brunt of the photo direction of our tyrant 3-year-old. I only had to pose in a few frames for glamorous tasks like cleaning pens. You can’t help but laugh when the photographer yells, “Toss that fork of poop again so I can get it flying through the air!”

Mallory is such a pro, that even this photo-phobe felt confident and at ease in front of her lens. And the best part of it? I nabbed a few tips from her for my upcoming shoots. You can’t help but learn a thing or two when you spend a day with a girl at the top of her game.

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