You Ask the Questions

The World Equestrian Games are right around the corner, so we’re busy studying up on all the reining competitors and their horses–what an amazing field of talented horses and riders! I’m so grateful that I’ll get to watch their performances in the individual competition in person in Kentucky!

Being an editor, I get to ask these horse-world celebrities questions all the time, but I’m betting you all have some questions for American reiners Shawn Flarida, Tom McCutcheon, Tim McQuay, and Craig Schmersal. If you could ask them one question, what would it be? What was their favorite horse or most memorable win? What are their superstitions? Or even what motto they live by?

We’re going to put together a list of five questions and will ask each reiner the same queries. We’d love to know what you’d love to know about the horsemen who will represent the United States at WEG later this month! Ask away in the comments section.

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