Lami-Cell’s innovative neoprene sport boots are made for walking—and galloping, roping, jumping; you name it. Yes, we’re talking about equine sport/protective boots in all their wonderful variations. Whether designed to shield and support tendons, knees or fetlocks, they’re a boon to horses in many disciplines, protecting against concussion, interference, and friction and skid burns.

But when the very boots that are supposed to protect a horse’s legs end up rubbing them, causing sweat buildup or adding heat—ouch! You and your horse have a problem. That’s why Lami-Cell created its patented Coolite quick-dry neoprene.

“If we can decrease the risk of injury and increase the health and longevity of our horses, we’ve made a positive contribution to the industry and quality of life to the animals we love so much,” says Christy Heath, development manager. “We have developed two patented technologies and combined them into the neoprene of our product to achieve these goals.

“The patented V22 material provides breathability, wicks away moisture, conforms to the horse’s leg but does not sacrifice the support you receive from traditional neoprene,” she added. “Our horses are less prone to injury, thus improving their quality of life for years to come.”

The revolutionary, human medical-grade material sports a rubber sponge laminate construction that is reportedly 20% lighter than other breathable materials, with the important ability to wick moisture and dissipate heat. Coolite neoprene is also durable, with a compression quality designed to offer superb protection from impact. And since it has excellent stretch and recovery, there’s less chance of rubbing, as well.

Coolite neoprene is the star of Lami-Cell’s new Ventex 22 Boot Collection, including Front Protective Boots, Ultimate Knee Boots, Pro Master Air Tendon Boots, Pro Master Air High Fetlock Boots and Pro Fetlock Boots.

Besides keeping legs cool and dry, the Ventex 22 line provides suspensory support and helps keep sand out. The Ventex 22 Pro Master Air Tendon Boots and the Pro Master Air High Fetlock Boots feature an extra layer of Poron® which provides additional shock absorption, while the contoured fit molds around the leg.

The Ventex 22 Pro Master Air Tendon Boots feature an extra layer of Poron® which provides additional shock absorption, while the contoured fit molds around the leg. Partrade

It’s a combination that nationally ranked young jumper rider Carolina Villanueva Suarez finds appealing.

“The V22 boots are the perfect intersection between comfort and protection,” says Suarez. “The V22 material on the inside prevents sweat from building up on my horses’ legs, and the shock absorption on the spine provides the utmost protection both in everyday training as well as in competition. Its aesthetic style paired with the unmatched design for durability is why my horses and I choose Lami-Cell.”

Besides keeping legs cool and dry, the Ventex 22 line provides suspensory support and helps keep sand out. Partrade

To roping star Walt Woodard, the difference is also clear.I never liked using traditional neoprene boots in the past because they always made my horses’ legs hot, and heat is the number one thing you want to get out of your horses’ legs,” he says. “Now that I’ve tried the V22 protective boots, I think they’re the best protective boot on the market. With the patented Coolite material used, it keeps my horses’ legs cool and wicks away the sweat that would otherwise build up in a traditional neoprene boot.”

So confident is Lami-Cell about the applications of Coolite Neoprene that the company has also released four girth styles in this novel material: The Ventex 22 English All Purpose Girth, Ventex 22 Western All Purpose Cinch, Ventex 22 Dressage Girth, and Ventex 22 Western Roping Cinch.

For more information, watch these helpful videos about the Ventex 22 Front Protective Boots and FG Ventex 22 Ultimate Knee Boots here and the V22 Pro Master Air Tendon Boots here

Enter to Win Ventex 22 Boots*

At Lami-Cell, we believe safety is always in style—whether you’re shipping, riding or just spending time with your horse. Give your horse the everyday leg protection he needs by entering to win a pair of Ventex 22 boots. Enter now until September 30 at

*Two Western winners will receive two pairs of Ventex 22 Front Boots (1 pair for front legs/1 pair for back legs) each in their choice of color and size(s) and two English winners will receive one pair of Ventex 22 Pro Master Air Tendon Boots and one pair of Ventex 22 Pro Fetlock Boots each in their choice of size(s). 

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