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Rancher 5 Star Saddle Pad
Ropers, ranchers and trail riders who go a distance have one thing in common: the need for a quality saddle pad that’s both sturdy and comfortable. In fact, their horses depend upon it! That’s why 5 Star Equine specially engineered the Rancher 5 Star Saddle Pad. Designed to be used alone under the saddle (no more double padding), the super-thick 1-1/8″ wool also reduces cinching. What horse couldn’t benefit from that?

Hand-made in the USA, this pad is styled with a square skirt and comes in Natural or Black, and in the following sizes: 30″ wide x 28″ long, 30″ wide x 30″ long, 32″ wide x 32″ long or 32″ wide x 30″ long. You owe it to your horse to make his job as easy as possible, and ensuring he doesn’t get a sore back on those more strenuous rides is part of your responsibility. For more information, visit

Rancher 5 Star Saddle Pad

Cashel Beaded Tack Sets
There’s no question that tack should be functional and good quality, no matter your discipline. But why not splurge for a bold, individual statement, as well? Cashel Company’s beaded tack sets, now available in 14 new patterns, come in a variety of styles and colors, with options suitable for everything from the trail to the arena.

Each set is crafted with quality chocolate skirting leather and accented with colorful beading. Each style is available in the 2″ breastcollar and either a slip ear or browband headstall equipped with double stainless-steel buckles and bit ties. Eight of these styles also feature the additional wither strap. Cashel makes it easy to personalize your look and that of your horse; choose from Gallup, Angel Fire, Ruidoso, Roswell, Taos, Santa Fe, Blue/Green, Brown Cheetah, Grey Cheetah, White/Red, Turquoise/Red, Tan/Orange, Turquoise/Rust and Chocolate/Tan. For more information about participating retailers or to order online, visit

Cashel Beaded Tack Sets

Dixie Midnight No-Sweat™ Vent Pad
A classic is a classic for a reason; it works well. For 23 years, the Dixie Midnight No-Sweat™ vent pad has helped trail riders keep their horses’ backs cooler and their saddle pads clean and dry. Dixie Midnight guarantees it, or your money back.

The No-Sweat™ vent pad is easy to add to your saddling routine. Just place it on your horse’s back, with your saddle pad on top of that, and then your saddle. The vent pad’s soft material, which is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, is designed to conform to the horse’s back. Airflow is maintained under even a fuzzy saddle pad thanks to the vent pad’s large, loosely-interlocked fibers. Increased airflow results in a cooler equine back, with no sweat trapped in the saddle pad. A cooler, drier back is less prone to soreness from lactic acid build-up and less likely to develop skin infections. And with no need to launder your regular saddle pad after every ride, that pad might last longer, too. Cleanup of the vent pad is simple: Just rinse it with water. Completely made in the USA.; (888) 287-6716

Dixie Midnight No-Sweat™ Vent Pad

Soft-Ride Gel Comfort Boots
When caring for the equine athlete, don’t forget his feet! That’s the idea behind Soft-Ride Gel Comfort Boots and the portable Soft-RideIce Spa.

Throughout a horse’s career, his feet and legs are susceptible to fatigue and soreness. The patented Gel Comfort Boots can reduce fatigue, enhance performance and help treat and prevent injury. The secret lies in the exclusive Deep Gel patented orthotics, which conform to and support the sole of the hoof and the hoof wall. The design also helps reduce tendon tension, stimulate circulation and encourage the most comfortable position. Gel Comfort Boots can be used on either barefoot or shod horses and come in 18 sizes, with medical options available.

Ideal for pre/post workout or competition, the portable Soft-Ride Ice Spa can be used for a 72-hour continual submersion laminitis icing protocol. When combined with the Sea Salt minerals, it offers safe, rapid recovery from inflammation.; (885) 763-8743

Soft-Ride Gel Comfort Boots

Specialized Saddles
A custom saddle from Specialized Saddles begins with the company’s patented 3D adjustable fitting system, which enables precision, three-dimensional fitting of your horse’s back. This is the only saddle fitting system that allows you to independently adjust your saddle for width, arch of the back and angle. Since horses can be somewhat asymmetrical (one shoulder larger than the other, for example), this fit system can also be independently adjusted for each side of your horse.

The team at Specialized Saddles uses Grade 1 leather from the oldest, most reputable US leather manufacturer. The seats on these saddles are crafted from soft, supple leather and padded with reboundable foam. In addition, every model has adjustable stirrup positioning for personalized rider comfort. Specialized Saddles offers a full line of Western saddles and saddles without a horn. All are handmade in Texas to customer specifications, with weights starting at only 9 lbs. Visit

Specialized Saddles

Synergy by Weaver Flex Contour Performance Saddle Pad
The team at Synergy™ by Weaver prides itself on supporting your partnership with your equine athlete through the design of its high-performance gear. The Synergy™ by Weaver line is offered as an example of high quality materials working together in synergy with the latest technology and innovation.

Case in point: the Flex Contour Performance Saddle Pad from the Synergy™ by Weaver line. Slipping pads can be a worry, but not this one: Its flexible contoured spine design follows the curve of your horse’s back to lock the pad in place. Crafted from high-performing natural wool, which wicks away sweat to evenly cool your horse, it also features a handwoven 100% New Zealand wool topper with premium oiled top-grain wear leathers for years of durability. In addition, the pad’s shock-absorbing, ventilated EVA Sport Foam inserts are designed to be long-lasting and compression resistant, with orthopedic benefits. This pad is built in the USA and backed by a no-risk, 90-day test ride guarantee.

Purchase these items on Amazon; 5 Star saddle pad, Cashel beaded headstall, and Weaver saddle pad

Synergy™ by Weaver Flex Contour Performance Saddle Pad
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