Trail Riding at Oklahoma's Wood Guest Ranch

Oklahoma's Wood Guest ranch offers miles of trails, convientent travel amenities and some of the best trail riding for horse owners in Oklahoma.

Wood Guest Ranch and Equestrian Center in Boswell, Oklahoma, is now open to trail riders. The facility’s guest-ranch portion is slated to open May 6, 2006. The ranch is owned by Ray and Myrna Wood, who also own La Hacienda Los Robles, a Peruvian Paso ranch and breeding farm in Rendon, Texas. Once the guest-ranch facility opens, guests may rent Peruvian Paso mounts. Trails now open cover several thousand acres of open plains, hills, and the Boggy River wilderness.

Wood Guest Ranch and Equestrian Center, located north of Boswell just off Highway 109-A, will also host clinics, seminars, and rider-training schools for equestrian operations in Texas and Oklahoma, and will feature a campsite with RV hookups. For more information, contact: Ray Wood, (817) 483-5478; [email protected]

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