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Health and how-to advice every horse owner can use. Here are horsekeeping tips, horse-handling guides, and hauling hints, plus rider-fitness routines and riding-confidence boosters. 

young horses

Buying Young Horses

Are you an all-in risk-taker? Or a more conservative speculator? It matters when shopping for young horses.

fear of loping

Confident Rider: Let Him Lope!

This ‘passenger exercise’ trains your horse to maintain a relaxed lope as you learn how to trust him and ‘let go’ and be a confident rider.


Online Horseback Riding Coaching

Is your dream trainer out of trailering distance? Consider a video coach for personalized, expert instruction to achieve your riding goals.


Yoga for Riders: Triangle Pose

Build your riding muscles and enhance your balance in the saddle with this yoga pose for riders from top clinician Julie Goodnight.