Trivia Challenge: Mental Health and Horses

Trivia time! This month we are doing a series on Mental Health Awareness, let’s put your knowledge to the test after reading related articles!

This trivia challenge is part of our Mental Health Awareness Month. Brought to you by Touched by a Horse.

Photo courtesy of Kimberly Beer

Answer the questions, then check at bottom for the key. For more content on mental health awareness, and the healing power of horses, click the links below.


True or false: Gestalt is non-diagnostic, meaning that the Gestaltist does not label or diagnose you with disorders.



What does an Equine Gestalt Coach do?

A) Helps individuals become aware of emotional blockages that are causing pain and struggle.

B) Guides their clients through a form of non-diagnostic therapy that creates a release of energy and emotional blocks.

C) Works with clients of all backgrounds and ages.

D) All the above.


True or false: Leaching is demonstrated as frequent, repeated blinking.



True or false: Your horse can pick up on your emotions and knows when you’re avoiding the truth.



Your horse can help your mental health and personal development, because they are naturally gifted at being:

  1. Aware
  2. Oblivious
  3. Apathetic
  4. Impulsive
Photo courtesy of Kimberly Beer

How’d you do? (Answers below.)

  1. T is correct. Gestalt does not label or diagnose clients with disorders.
  1. All the above is correct. An Equine Gestalt Coach guides their clients through a form of non-diagnostic therapy that creates a release of energy and emotional blocks. Clients usually feel their mental health improving and like they left their emotional pain in the sand of the barn where their session took place.
  1. F is correct. Leaching is demonstrated by frequent and repeated yawning. When a horse leaches, he is pulling the negative or dark energy field from you through your body and discharging it out. Your horse won’t hang onto this energy and it’s not damaging to him.
  1. T is correct. Horses are very perceptive about what we carry in our hearts, minds, and bodies. It’s through keen intuition horses can support us in solving very human problems with horse sense.
  1. A is correct. Your horse is naturally gifted at being aware. It’s this awareness that allows your horse to be such an amazing partner when you’re in the saddle. By using horses for therapeutic purposes, you can discover that this gift translates beyond the arena if you take the time to access it. 



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