Best Wound Cream

When your horse comes up with a cut, gash, or abrasion—or a sore, rub, or rash—you’re actually dealing with several problems at once: potential infection and/or inflammation, soreness, and, as the wound starts to heal, itching. A good wound cream should address all of these. The trick is to find a formula that works best for your horses and your situation without being too difficult to apply, too harsh on the skin, or too tough to keep in place. For our top suggestions, read on.

Minimizes Hair Loss

Farnam Aloe Heal Veterinary Cream

Healing Moisture. Heavy on aloe, this cream is light to the touch without a greasy residue.

What We Liked: 

We loved this product right out of the jar because of its fresh scent! But in our opinion, its superpower is keeping wounds moist and soft enough to help minimize the hair loss and lack of hair re-growth that can occur. We don’t like scars, either, and the natural aloe-heavy formula seems to go a long way toward preventing those, as well. Buy it here. 

Most Skin-Friendly

Manna Pro Horseman's Dream Vet Cream 

Gentle Relief. This longtime standby absorbs easily and provides rapid relief.

What We Liked: 

Whether it’s the addition of antioxidant vitamins to this aloe-infused cream or the inclusion of wheat germ oil, this formula is especially effective on wounds that weep and get crusty, such as abrasions and burns. A “dream” to apply, it’s safe and easy on the skin, as well—including your own hands, should you choose to apply it that way. Get some here. 

Best Natural Formula

ResQ Organic Skin Care Treatment Cream

Manuka Magic. A honey of a buy, this wound cream is soothing to the skin, too.

What We Liked: 

If you’ve never heard of manuka honey, this natural antiseptic’s healing properties are well-known. We love the fact that it’s combined here (in a non-greasy formula, hooray!) with the natural analgesic cehami to help address the pain and itch associated with healing. Add aloe and shea butter, and you’ve got a real treat for your horse’s skin without the dryness and irritation some horses experience with chemical products. Find it here. 


Bickmore Gall Salve Wound Cream 

Stay-put Salve. Durable and effective, this salve heals without blistering.

What We Liked: 

What good is a wound cream if it won’t stay put? We’d rate this one tops for longevity alone, especially when it comes to chronic sores or rubs on sweaty horses. There’s one in every barn, it seems: that individual whose delicate skin is rubbed raw from every halter or sheet you put on him, or who is prone to girth galls. Even in the heat, this salve goes on dry and refuses to melt, offering quick relief that hard-working school horses in particular will surely appreciate. Find it here.