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Are You Going To Eat That?

If your horse likes to eat objects that he’s not meant to, there may be a reason behind it. Learn why he’s doing it and how to handle this behavior.
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4 Steps to Fix Head Tossing

End head-tossing on the trail—and at home—with advice from clinician Steve Stevens.
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Catch Me If You Can!

Is your horse playing hard to get? Learn some of the causes of this wayward behavior, plus how to recondition a horse that’s persistently hard to catch.
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Under-Saddle Equine Aggression

Equine aggression in a ridden horse should never be ignored. Learn the causes plus some fixes you can apply from the saddle.
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The Facts of Headshaking

Learn what we really know about headshaking, a complex, confusing, and often frustrating condition.
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To Play or Not to Play?

Perhaps you play with your horse and no harm has come from it—yet. You should realize, however, that playing with horses can lead to trouble. Here’s why.
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Calm Your Horse

Wish your hot horse were more level-headed? Here are drug-free strategies to help him be as happy and mellow as possible.
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Gastric Ulcers: The True Story

Has everyone—trainers, farriers, friends— ‘diagnosed’ your horse with ulcers? You should probably ask your vet for the truth.
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Why Won't He Move?

Balky horses have reasons for their behavior. Here’s how to recognize root causes and overcome the different varieties of balkiness.
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The eye of a horse.

What Causes Hostile Behavior?

A mare turned suddenly aggressive toward humans may need systematic retraining.
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What Causes Hind-Leg Stamping?

An owner seeks answers about her gelding’s puzzling behavior.
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What Makes a Mare Attack Her Foal?

An owner wonders if her mare’s grouchy attitude poses a threat to a future foal.
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Sudden Attack!

A gelding’s sudden attack on a longtime barnmate may be symptomatic of failing health in one horse.
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