Horse Behavior

Young Horse Crib-Biting on a Fence

Curb the Habit: Understand and Address Cribbing

Horses may crib for a variety of reasons but it can be indicative of deeper problems. We talked with an expert to get the lowdown on cribbing.
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Unwanted Behaviors in Young Horses

Why do colts, and some fillies, act out? A young horse’s behavior can cause injuries to you, other people, and himself, and becomes more dangerous as he grows. Learn what’s behind these behaviors and what can be done about them while staying safe.
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4 Steps to Fix Head Tossing

End head-tossing on the trail—and at home—with advice from clinician Steve Stevens.
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Gender Bias—in HORSES?!

Some horses seem to do better with women, some with men. Is this bias real, or all in our minds? We asked the experts, and got some interesting answers.
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Trivia Challenge: Are *You* Equine-Behavior Savvy?

Answer the questions, then check at bottom for the key. For more fun and educational information about horses and horsemanship, read H&R’s ‘The Ride’ newsletter. (Not getting it? Sign up below.)
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Runaway Horse? Prevention's the Cure

Preventive measures are the best way to make sure you never find yourself on a runaway horse.
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No More Cheating

Is your horse starting to cut corners on his maneuvers? Nip this behavior in the bud before it becomes a bigger problem.
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Under-Saddle Equine Aggression

Equine aggression in a ridden horse should never be ignored. Learn the causes plus some fixes you can apply from the saddle.
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The Facts of Headshaking

Learn what we really know about headshaking, a complex, confusing, and often frustrating condition.
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To Play or Not to Play?

Perhaps you play with your horse and no harm has come from it—yet. You should realize, however, that playing with horses can lead to trouble. Here’s why.
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Calm Your Horse

Wish your hot horse were more level-headed? Here are drug-free strategies to help him be as happy and mellow as possible.
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Bits That Go Ouch

Gain insight into three common problem bits with the potential to pinch, poke, or otherwise make your horse wince. Plus learn how your bit works on your horse’s mouth for a happier ride.
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The eye of a horse.

What Causes Hind-Leg Stamping?

An owner seeks answers about her gelding’s puzzling behavior.
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Understand Your Horse's Eyesight promo image

Understand Your Horse's Eyesight

How does your horse see the world? Take a ride with us and gain a little insight—from your horse’s perspective.
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