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Sun Care for Your Horse 

You remember to apply your sunscreen and grab a baseball cap to protect your face from the sun, but are you doing the same for your horse?
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Joint Care Tips with Andrea Fappani

Learn from NRHA $7 Million Rider Andrea Fappani about caring for your horse's joints at home no matter what discipline you're riding.
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3 Wound Care Products You Should Have

Do you have these 3 kinds of wound care products in your barn? Well, you should!
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Joint Supplement Break Down

Thinking of putting your horse on a joint supplement but don't know where to start? Before you begin investing in different supplements, explore this guide that breaks down common joint care supplement ingredients so you know which one your horse needs.
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3 Things You Must Do for a Healthy Tail

Check out these three things that will help keep your horse's tail healthy all year long.
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Give Your Senior Horse the Supplements they Deserve

Senior horses often hold a special place in our hearts, and we want to do everything we can to make sure they’re happy and healthy. Give your older friend some extra love with these senior-friendly products.
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Protection from Summer Flies

With the warm summer days comes the dreaded fly season. Guard your horse against the irritating, disease-carrying pests with our tips and tricks.
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Pamper Your Horse With a ‘Spa Day’

Do horses like baths? It depends. If the procedure is hurried and stressful, with unpleasant squirts of water and harsh chemicals, probably not.
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A Fresh Barn Makes a Happy, Healthy Horse

It’s time to pick up the cleaning utensils and head to the barn. Cleaning your barn out now will protect your horse’s health in the future.
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From the Ground Up: Pampering Your Horse’s Legs

What do sliding stops, turning cows, wrapping barrels, and riding up hillsides have in common? They all put additional stress on your horse’s legs. Your horse works hard for you, help him go the extra mile by giving his legs the best care.
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The Losing Battle: Equine Weight Loss

Winter is here and for owners of senior horses or horses that are hard to keep weight on, it’s a time of frantically sorting out your horse’s diet to keep him at a healthy weight.
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Horse Treats: The Goodness in a Snack

While treats can get a bad reputation, these bite-size snacks can have health benefits, are a great way to show some extra love, and can even help reinforce training.
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