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3 Exercises to Get a Killer Lower Leg

Add these three drills to your riding routine to get that perfect horsemanship lower leg.
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Teaching the Neck Rein

Level up your trail ride with FIVE exercises that teach your horse to neck rein.
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Horse-Item Travel Checklist

Use our list to build your own template that'll keep you organized and prepared every time you haul your horse.
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Hold the Horn!

National Finals Rodeo barrel racer Molly Powell breaks down the myths surrounding holding the saddle horn, no matter what kind of riding you're doing.
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Grooming • Two-Rein Setup

Learn the importance of everyday grooming. What's a two-rein setup for cow horse events.
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Ride With Soft Hands

Soft, feeling hands are a key component of good horsemanship. Learn exercises that will improve your hands and help you become a better rider.
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Horsemanship Position: Upper-Body Pointers

The difference between first and second place in horsemanship classes lies in the details of your horsemanship position. Keeping these small details top of mind every time you ride means they’ll become second nature in the saddle.
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Disengage the Hindquarters

The ability to yield his hindquarters is a safety feature every horse should have.
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