To Do This Month: Flies, Registration, and Weaning

In addition to riding and enjoying long nights out in the barn, July is about the babies! For many spring foals, late summer means it’s time to wean and register young horses. This month, take care of foals, keep up with your fly-control plan, and care for your horse’s coat.

Credit: Alana Harrison

Fly control: Empty and replace traps, renew supplies of sprays and wipes, keep manure picked from stalls, pens, corrals, and loafing areas, and keep masks and flysheets in good repair.

Registration photos: Choose a nice day for shooting foal-registration photos, and beat the annual fall rush by submitting applications now.

Weaning: Choose the right plan for your situation. For solutions, search “Weaning” at

Hair coat maintenance: Days are already getting shorter, so if you intend to show your horse through fall and want his coat to stay short, start keeping him under lights, and blanket him on cool nights.

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