Hoof Care


Hoof Health: Corns

Learn about your horse's hooves and how to diagnose corns.
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Ask a Pro: Hoof Packing

Hey Brad, how do you utilize hoof packing?
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Ask a Pro: Brad Barkemeyer

We asked our featured equine professional Brad Barkemeyer what his go to strategies are at the barn and show ring.
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Puncture Wounds in the Foot

Your horse’s feet are vulnerable to whatever may be on the ground, and a puncture wound can be deadly.
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Seven Worst Mistakes in Equine Hoof Care

Take aim against seven common hoof-care mistakes that can put your horse’s health and soundness at risk.
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30 is the New 20 for Senior Horses

Advances in equine health care have extended the potential lifespan of senior horses. What should you expect as yours grows older?
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Hoof Care Makes the Horse

Use my tips for hoof care and trail-prep tips for a safe, fun trail ride.
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My Collection: Farrier's Tools

A collection of tools for hoof care.
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Best Shoeing Method for Low Heels?

A fix for underrun heels depends on the horse’s unique circumstances and the skill of the farrier.
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Painting Those Toes

Hoof dressings serve a number of purposes, including one that might surprise you!
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Strategies for 'Going Bare'

Making the transition from shod to barefoot is about to get easier, especially for the toughest cases.
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Winter Training: More Help promo image

Winter Training: More Help

Check out these extra resources for the "Winter Time? Tune-Up Time!" article in the February 2012 issue.
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How to Prevent Chipped Horse Hooves

Learn how to prevent chipped, brittle hooves in your trail horse with these expert guidelines.
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Hoof Nourishment

At the first sign of a hoof problem, do you add a scoop of this mineral or that vitamin? Learn how to use hoof supplements wisely and well.
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